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Energy (Renewable, Solar, Wind & Geothermal)

At AIDE we recognize the vital importance of renewal energy and intend to develop solar, wind, waste to energy and geo-thermal facilities throughout the continent.

Renewal energy provides a number of novel environmental benefits.
Apart from the fact that they are clean sources of energy which leave behind a much smaller carbon footprint and environmental impact, when compared to other conventional sources of energy, investments in renewable energy facilities promote employment, stimulate local and national economies, and provide protection against age old vulnerabilities such as a dependence on energy sources from distant lands prone to political conflicts.

Pollution that is emitted from high carbon fuels aggravates a number of respiratory illnesses such as Asthma, COPD, Chronic bronchitis, and other forms of reactive airway disease. In addition, acid rain, a byproduct of “dirty fuels”, leach the soil of vital elements and minerals, pollute ponds, lakes and negatively impact both animal and plant ecosystems. Climate change, an indisputable environmental calamity, can only be halted by the energized promotion, utilization and integration of renewable energy technologies and innovations.

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Renewable energy is the greatest investment our generation can make to ensure a bright future for our planet. At AIDE we intend to be at the Vanguard of this work to bring a greener future for mankind.