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Nigeria's media scene is one of the most vibrant in Africa. Because newspapers and televisions are relatively expensive and literacy levels low, radio remains the most important medium of mass communication and information. There are over 50 million radios in Nigeria. International broadcasters, including the BBC, are popular. TV viewing is concentrated in urban areas. There are over 80 million TV sets in Nigeria. There are nearly 70 federal government-controlled national and regional TV stations; all 36 states operate TV stations; several private TV operators provide cable and satellite TV subscription services abound.

Internet penetration in Nigeria is expected to more than triple by 2025, with Internet access growing from 16 percent of the population to 50 percent.

telecom mast

Nigeria has Africa’s largest mobile (cell-phone) market, with more than 140 million subscribers and a penetration above 100%. This creates great opportunities for the health care industry vis a vis patient scheduling, recruitment, public health outreach, emergency medical services, and operations.